• At first instance researcher analyse the objectives of the lawyer or client;
  • Then he identify and analyse factual material;
  • He Advice to collect relevant documents for each legal issue;
  • He Identify the other non-legal sources from where relevant information can be obtained;
  • He Analyse the provided documents and information of facts and trace out where it went wrong in documentations;
  • He identify the legal context in which factual issues arise;
  • He Identify and advice the sources for investigating relevant facts;
  • He Collects all data related to the history of case through interview of client; or Provide specific queries to advocates to extract data of events from their clients;
  • He determine when/what/why further facts are required;
  • He Analyze future threats of litigation and possible solutions;
  • He Identify the issue of dispute and possible way of prosecution/defense;
  • He Identify and collect the applicable acts/ rules/ circulars/ notifications etc;
  • He Identify and collect the applicable case laws and other legal materials;
  • He Drafts as per  needs like, plaint, written statements, objections, written arguments etc;
  • He Conclude with advisory note;

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